1. Electro-Kraken - EP 2016 (SDM-037)

  2. Dr. Burtrum - Techno Shit (SDM-036)
    Dr. Burtrum

  3. SadoDaMascus Records: Copulation Otonyo 2016 (SDM-035)

  4. Ras Mix - The Stupidity of Safe (SDM-034)
    Ras Mix

  5. Body Shame - You look so under fed (SDM-033)
    Body Shame

  6. SadoDaMascus Records: Winter Copulation 2016 (SDM-032)

  7. DEC15MBER 5: Universal Self Awareness - Appropriate Music (SDM-031)
    Universal Self Awareness

  8. DEC15MBER 4: Grease Envelope - Initial Public Release (SDM-030)
    Grease Envelope

  9. DEC15MBER 3: Solar Drift (SDM-029)
    Solar Drift

  10. DEC15MBER 2: Eaton Flowers (SDM-028)
    Eaton Flowers

  11. DEC15MBER 1: Temple Maps - Cryogenic (SDM-027)
    Temple Maps

  12. Hotel 5: teleg. (SDM-026)

  13. Body Shame - Body Shame (SDM-025)
    Body Shame

  14. Eaton Flowers - American Abstraction (SDM-024)
    Eaton Flowers

  15. James Curry IV - Talking Is Too Tough (SDM-023)
    James Curry IV

  16. SadoDaMascus Records: Summer Copulation 2015 (SDM-022)

  17. Hotel 4: Crank Sturgeon (SDM-021)
    Crank Sturgeon

  18. SadoDaMascus Records: Winter Copulation 2015 (SDM-020)

  19. Hotel 3: Uneasy Chairs/Withering of Light (SDM-019)
    Uneasy Chairs & Withering Of Light

  20. Alien Parkinsons Project - Water Mechanisms for the Sun Goddess that Burns Inside Your Karmatic Delusions (SDM-018)
    Alien Parkinsons Project

  21. Stochastic Mettle Union Local #35 - Thought Adjuster: Live at Wasco St. Portland, OR - 09.22.14 (SDM-017)
    Stochastic Mettle Union Local #35

  22. ABSV - Aimless (No More) (SDM-016)

  23. Nolon Ashley - Okay Molg Apported Baby Farm (SDM-015)
    Nolon Ashley

  24. Gooo - Globular Clusterfuck (SDM-014)

  25. Hotel 2: Liew Niyomkarn (SDM-013)
    Liew Niyomkarn

  26. Hotel 1: Monochromacy/Steve Flato (SDM-012)
    Monochromacy​ & ​Steve Flato

  27. SadoDaMascus Records: Summer Copulation 2014 (SDM-011)

  28. Consumer - rB>C (SDM-010)

  29. Jubel - The Wrong Door (SDM-009)

  30. Alien Parkinsons Project - Meditation Music for Your Imaginary Enemies (SDM-008)
    Alien Parkinsons Project

  31. Universal Self Awareness - 08.13.2015 (SDM-007)
    Universal Self Awareness

  32. Sister Mamie Foreskin (SDM-006)
    Sister Mamie Foreskin

  33. Ras Mix - Adventures in Clown Town (SDM-005)
    Ras Mix

  34. SadoDaMascus Records: Winter Copulation 2014 (SDM-004)

  35. SadoDaMascus Records: Summer Copulation 2013 (SDM-003)

  36. SadoDaMascus Records: Winter Coulation 2013 (SDM-002)

  37. SadoDaMascus Records: Summer Copulation 2012 (SDM-001)


SadoDaMascus Records Portland, Oregon

SadoDaMascus Records is based out of Portland, OR. It is the release arm of the Sonic Debris Multimedia, LLC recording and art collective. SDM Records was started as a means of releasing material primarily by Sister Mamie Foreskin, but quickly began focusing on an eclectic array of Pacific Northwest, experimental leaning artists that embrace electronics in some form. ... more

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