DEC15MBER 3: Solar Drift (SDM​-​029)

by Solar Drift



A limited engagement involving five installments aimed at highlighting an eclectic selection of artists operating in Portland, Oregon. Notably singular in their respective approaches, these artist were chosen as much for their distinct points of view as for the shared root idiom from which they project.


released December 16, 2015

Written, Recorded and Mixed by Solar Drift

Christina Broussard: Guitars, Guitar EBow, Vocals, Lyrics, Arrangements, Mixing

Carlo Pearson: Modular Synthesis, Mixing and Arrangement on 'Moonhaze'

Mastering, Art, & Design by Nicholas L. Swartz


all rights reserved



SDM Records Portland, Oregon

SDM Records focuses primarily on artists from the Pacific Northwest, with common unifying elements including: the use of digital and analog electronics, a penchant for experimentation, a lack of reliance on traditional song structures, free-form or improvisational approaches, appreciation of the absurd, a tendency towards the surreal, open ears, boundless will, and adventurous attitudes. ... more

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Track Name: Pink at Dawn
below the surface
in my alien chamber
where day does not see light
as day turns into night
ask me to tell you
the ways of life
while I’m still dreaming
Track Name: Sun Reflection
open my eyes, open my eyes
open my eyes to new color
I saw behind the curtain of illusion
running toward the midday sun
the western oracle glistening
in my childhood eyes
Track Name: Nightfall
peel back the layers of years
behind the mirror revealed
sway to hypnotic memories
sway to hypnotic memories
ring the bell awake
sway to hypnotic memories
Track Name: Moonhaze
the burning moon and faraway eyes
draw me close
to the other side
a million lifetimes

the burning moon and faraway eyes
bathe me
in the dimmest light
a million lifetimes

what I dream for
moon haze
what I dream for
moon haze
what I dream for
moon haze
Track Name: The Hidden Door
we walk thru
the hidden door
in a moment’s illusion
near the farscape
third eye of time
we walk thru
the hidden door
once more
do we see
all that is shall ever be
close our eyes
and dream to find
the hidden door
walk thru
the hidden door
once more

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