Eaton Flowers - American Abstraction (SDM​-​024)

by Eaton Flowers



'American Abstraction' is a suite composed by Eaton Flowers originally conceived as the basis for a live performance. Said performance occurred on July the 20th, 2014 at Habesha Lounge in Portland, Oregon.

Movements 1-10

1. Joe (0:00-06.22)
2. American Abstraction (06:22-11:05)
3. Discord and This Chord (11:05-17:38)
4. Return Of the Return Of Joe (17:38-19:34)
5. Bedtime For America (19:34-26:17)
6. Curly Bells (26:17-30:08)
7. 11 (30:08-33:35)
8. Twilight Dilema (33:35-41:01)
9. December Flux (41:01-43:45)
10. Dissolve (43:45-48:44)


released September 11, 2015

Eaton Flowers is guitar, all additional instrumentation real and imaginary
Composed and performed by William Hardy
Movements 2 and 3, 'American Abstraction' and "Discord and This Chord', both feature Eric Gibbons on Upright Bass.
Mastered by Aaron Salomon
Album Cover by William Hardy (acrylic/ink on canvas)
Photo by Nicholas Swartz

Eaton Flowers would like to thank...
David Haverkampf
Nick Swartz
Adam "S"
Erk Stoots
T.J. Thompson
Confinement Loaf
Translucent "Nik"
Aaron Salomon
Nicholas Matta
Eric Gibbons
Tony Mowe
Mark Musselman
'Loo" Wosak
Mom n Pop
Dwight Dickinson
Doug Theriault
SDMPDX records
Fania Records
Fernando for being cool...

inspiration...Gil Scott Heron, Trilok Gurtu, Joseph Campbell, Sonny Sharrock, Jimmy Carter, Sun-Ra, Space-1999, America when I was a young child.



all rights reserved


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